Applica Consulting provides software development for civilian and military communication solutions (applications and protocols), Web applications, distributed applications, administrative software, etc.

AC_software_development200We have extensive experience in software development in C/C++, C# and VB (both .NET and traditional versions) as well as a diverse background working with other languages and tools, for example Java/Javascript in addition to platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, PSOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of communication protocols (e.g. TCP/IP and ISDN) as well as Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Access databases.

The methodology and tools we use depend on the project’s scope and our customer’s requirements. We often recommend utilizing agile methods, and a certain number of projects are developed using UML and/or SDL tools containing automatic code-generation.

We have developed vital software components for the following projects: 
  • Several military communication systems: ACCS, SISAM, TADKOM, TS9000 and software used in NDDN (the Norwegian Defence Digital Network). Client: Thales Norway AS 
  • SOPWEB: Web applications for medical document tracking. Client: GE Healthcare 
  • AQD: Management of quality-of-service in broadband wireless emergency ad-hoc networks 
  • Worksoft: Windows application for planning and managing employee scheduling. Reporting tools and interfaces with other software applications such as payroll and time registration. 
  • CaddieCard: A golf scorecard on PDA whose system includes synchronization with a Web-based statistics module. 
  • Mobile platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile 

We have also participated in several projects, including the following: 

  • Pipe handling systems for the oil drilling industry
  • Robot integration 
  • Ship control systems 

For further information please see our brochure:  Software Engineering