Applica Consulting provides development of embedded systems (firmware and hardware) for both military and civilian use.

ill_hardwareWe provide: 

  • Specification and Design 
  • Prototyping and Industrialization 
  • Testing and Qualification 

We have developed several circuit boards with interfaces to dedicated communications, encryption and image processing modules, including design, simulation, prototyping and industrialization, and are also experienced with embedded Linux, Windows CE and a number of proprietary real time kernels.

We have completed an extensive amount of work with embedded systems for military use with military requirements regarding environmental safety, including special safety requirements for equipment that handles classified information (for example, Fault Tolerance and Reliability as well as TEMPEST). 

Different Types of Hardware

We have considerable experience in working with programmable circuits as well as VHDL-based development and testing. Interfaces developed at Applica include the following: PCI, Optical, ATM, PCM and Ethernet.

We have developed hardware for several commercial products, including small-scale production of equipment due to high development costs. We have also completed large-scale production of equipment when price and performance capabilities are of the essence. Stated simply – we have worked on projects of all sizes for several decades, and this experience shows in the quality of the work we produce.

Embedded Software

We have developed communication equipment for distributed control systems (DeviceNet), assistive reading applications for dyslexics and applications for controlling spray robot systems. In addition, we have been responsible for the OS platform (configuration, BSP, etc.) throughout several projects. 


Documentation is often determined by the individual nature of a project. At Applica Consulting we therefore have not only our own documentation standard to provide for our clients, but we also have extensive experience in adapting to other companies’ standards should the need arise. 

For further information please see our brochure: Hardware/Firmware Development