At Applica Consulting we have been working with system, software and hardware development since the company was founded in 1979.

Applica Consulting consists of consultants with solid backgrounds and extensive experience. We offer consultancy services within the areas of ICT and electronics and run various projects for our clients through either working out of our own offices or working on-site at our clients’ locations.

Our main areas of expertise are the following:

  • Software Development 
  • Communication Technology 
  • Data Security 
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Automatic software testing

Most importantly, our focus is on providing our clients with a high level of quality and expertise at the right cost.  

We comprise a group of twenty highly qualified and experienced engineers (educated at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level), and we have offices at three different locations in Norway (Lindesnes/Mandal/Oslo).

Our customers include many important suppliers and users of information and communication technologies (ICT) for civil and military purposes. Applica Consulting has since its inception developed advanced solutions and products for several markets. Within the systems engineering field, our consultants have been hired to work on the standardization and design of communications systems on both a national and international basis. We have also had extensive project management responsibilities within these same projects. In addition, we have completed several large-scale projects within system, software and hardware development. Here are a few examples of what we have accomplished:


  • Development of Built-In-Test software for JSM: Kongsberg Defence & Areospace
  • Development of Test Station for configuring, running, surveying and collecting test results for JSM: Kongsberg Defence & Areospace
  • Support in development of the SMARF storage platform (System Master Archival/Retrieval Facility) which is a part of the NATO AGS-system: Kongsberg Defence & Areospace
  • System, hardware, and software development of voice handling in air traffic control rooms with military requirements: Thales Norway AS
  • System, hardware, and software development for tactical and strategic military communications systems: Thales Norway AS 


  • Software development of robotic motion control for the oil industry: Aker Solutions 
  • Software development of advanced control systems for the process industry: Kongsberg Maritime
  • Development of subsea communication software (according to IWIS)


  • System, hardware, and software development of hand-held aids for dyslexics: Applica Attend 
  • Software development of wireless ECG sensor: WPR Medical
  • Development of IP-telephony software


  • Software development and project management within robot technology: ABB Robotics
  • Development of software defined radio for Axnes