Applica Test & Certification AS offers accredited measurements and testing of  conditions such as climate, mechanics and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The company also offers accredited air measurements and functional testing of alarm systems.

Applica Test & Certification AS offers product certification and issues product certificates.

Applica Test & Certification AS was formed June 2013 when the Applica group took over Det Norske Veritas Certification AS Test Center.

We are 16 employees and has created a solid group of professionals focusing on quality, competence and delivery. In total we have four EMC test chambers, two powerful vibrators, 10 climate chambers of various sizes, equipment for IP and corrosion testing, as well as a magnitude of other testing equipment.

The Applica Group consist of five companies providing services and posess core competence within electronic communication, IT security, software development and e-learning. The customers are mainly within defense, maritime, oil and gas as well as public sectors.