Applica Infra is a department in Applica AS and have the responsibility to administer, maintain and support IT-services to all companies in the Applica Group. The department also delivers high quality IT-services to other companies both national and international.


Applica AS was originally a minority owner in a company with the name of Cursor AS. This company was given the task of supplying local companies with quality IT services. The first customer of Cursor AS was one of the other minority owners in Cursor AS, Nøsted Kjetting AS ( Cursor AS established an ASP-plattform (Application Service Provider) for this customer in the spring of 2004.

After more customers was added to the ASP-plattform it was decided that Applica AS should take full control over the IT-services and customers that had been established in Cursor AS. Applica Infra was established as part of the reorganization of Applica AS and Cursor AS in january 2007.


The goal of the department is to provide high quality and secure IT services to both national and international companies.

Business Model

Applica Infra focuses on supplying centrally managed IT-services to external customers. A main part of our strategy is to give customers a single contact point for all their IT-services. We have established connections with key subcontractors to supply high quality Cloud Services and IT equipment.